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Australian Meth Abuse is Growing Quickly

The History of Meth in The United States

A new report released by the Australian government has concluded that crystal methamphetamine abuse is on the rise and the drug currently poses the largest threat to Australian society of any controlled substance.

The report detailed several ways in which the crystal meth industry has become a pernicious problem for Australian communities. Crystal meth has been shown to damage communities in multiple ways, and the crystal meth market seems to be deeply connected to Australian organized crime.

Meth abuse is increasing rapidly in Australia, although kangaroos have not been known to favor the drug.Crystal Meth Damaging Australian Communities

Crystal meth production can be extremely hazardous. The process can be dangerous in and of itself, sometimes resulting in devastating explosions. And even when the cook goes as planned, the process creates ten times as much hazardous waste as it does pure meth.

The report also shows that meth increases social problems, especially in indigenous communities. These problems include:

  • Child neglect
  • Sexual exploitation of minors
  • Decreased community involvement
  • Petty crime

Organized Crime Groups Traffic Crystal Meth

Australian officials found that crystal meth (which they refer to as “ice”) and the chemicals needed to produce it have been imported from all parts of the world. Criminal organizations in Australia have capitalized on this growing market and have themselves grown more powerful due to profits from the drug trade. The report found that 60% of criminals associated with crime organizations were involved in the crystal meth trade.

To combat the growing tide of meth abuse, Australia has created special task forces, including the National Anti-Gang Squad to battle the organized crime at the root of meth distribution. The government has also attempted to fill in funding gaps in anti-drug task forces, and has encouraged the cooperation of national and regional law enforcement groups.

However, in spite of these measures, the tone of the report indicates that the authors believe these measures won’t be enough to stop meth use in the near future. “The methamphetamine market will almost certainly remain entrenched and continue to grow in the medium term,” they wrote.

Meth Problems in the U.S. Treatable at Rehab

Crystal methamphetamine has caused similar problems in the United States, and has regained popularity in the last 5 years across the country. In the past, most meth found in America was made in America. Today, however, experts believe the majority of America’s meth is coming from “superlabs” in Mexico which are capable of producing large quantities of highly pure meth. As is the case in Australia, America has failed to adequately control the demand for the drug. Until they do, new sources for the drug will continue to pop up.

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