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Sober Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Sober Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Imagine you’re on a date – you and your partner may go out for a drink, or you have a glass of wine (or two) at dinner, or you order a cocktail at a dine-in movie theater.

While alcohol is often part of a date, not everyone can partake, especially those who are in addiction recovery. Receiving addiction treatment often requires a lot of changes at home, including how spouses spend their time together. If you or your spouse have received alcohol detox treatment, then you may be wondering what sober dates the both of you can go on to celebrate special occasions. If your anniversary is coming up, then you may be interested in some of these sober ways to celebrate your anniversary with your spouse.

Best Sober Date Ideas

As a drug and alcohol treatment center in Texas, we understand how common alcohol is, especially within the average date setting. Whether you’re at a restaurant or the movie theater, alcohol is often readily available. Especially if you or your spouse is in addiction recovery, it can be difficult to find non-drinking date ideas for special occasions. Luckily, our team at Banyan Texas has shared 20 sober ways to celebrate your anniversary with your partner.

  • Satisfy your sweet tooth by splitting a sundae
  • Try some new cuisine at a local food truck
  • Enjoy the ambiance and some fresh coffee at your local coffee shop
  • Work on the partnership by practicing yoga together
  • Test each other’s skills by playing sports
  • Check out some fun and quirky art at a local art museum
  • Marvel at the stars in a planetarium
  • Embrace the kid-at-heart at your nearest water park
  • See your hometown through new eyes by visiting local tourist attractions
  • Enjoy some coffee or hot chocolate under the stars
  • Test your physical endurance on a hike
  • Take a romantic stroll past the tigers at the zoo
  • Race each other at the ice-skating rink
  • Pick out some potentially new furnishings at IKEA (their meatballs are also fantastic)
  • Check out the fresh produce and hand-made trinkets at your local farmer’s market
  • Enjoy the outdoors with some homemade food on a picnic
  • Enjoy a good movie in the comfort of your own car at a drive-in
  • Warm up under the sun and inhale the salty air at the beach
  • Test each other’s skills with video games
  • Stay at home and watch your favorite movies on the couch

While this process may be challenging or even awkward at first, sober anniversary date ideas don’t have to be boring or restricted. If anything, it can be fun to find new things that you and your spouse can enjoy together. Over time, you’ll learn which places and what activities suit your relationship the best. Once you and your spouse learn what to avoid, finding sober ways to celebrate your anniversary can be fun. Not only can these changes help you grow closer together, but they also allow you to play an active role in your spouse’s sobriety.

Although it’s important to enjoy your life, it’s also imperative not to overdo it. If you’re an individual who’s currently recovering from substance abuse, it’s best to avoid drugs or alcohol. Sober dates allow you to celebrate a special day with your spouse without putting your sobriety at risk. The options may be limitless, but your goal of long-lasting sobriety should always remain firm.

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