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With how crucial routine is within addiction treatment, it becomes easy to feel mentally stuck in these cycles and, in some cases, cause resistance to therapy. Keeping patients engaged is critical to their success and a big reason for Banyan’s utilization of equine therapy.  

It has grown exponentially in popularity and is offered at several of our locations across the country. Patients afflicted with addiction, anxiety, depression, and many other mental health disorders have made incredible strides. Banyan Treatment Center Delaware explains what equine therapy is and how patients in addiction recovery can benefit from it.  

How Does Equine Therapy Work? 

An equine therapy program utilizes the care of and interaction with horses as a method of treatment for mental health disorders, such as addiction, anxiety, and PTSD. During a session, patients connect with the animals on an interpersonal level, exposing them to the unique benefits that these beautiful creatures have to offer.  

This can involve caring for the horses, riding them, and hopefully creating unique bonds with the animals that aid in opening patients up that were otherwise resistant to treatment. Banyan’s residential and outpatient mental health programs utilize equine therapy by having patients take care of therapy horses. 

Equine Therapy Benefits  

For someone closed off by addiction, communicating on nonverbal levels can foster growth, progress, and encouragement. For many mental health patients, equine therapy is the highlight of their rehabilitation experience. Several studies have been conducted that shine light on the many rewards that patients gain when engaging with these breathtaking creatures. 

Benefits of Equine Therapy Include:

  • Improved impulse control 
  • Lowered blood pressure 
  • Increased understanding of personal responsibility 
  • Enhanced ability to recognize social cues 
  • Decreased feelings of depression and anxiety 
  • Positive feelings associated with the accomplishment of tasks 

Countless people can speak about the benefits of interacting with these horses on a therapeutic level. Fostering a relationship of any kind can be what makes or breaks the success of treatment. Being able to overcome these mental obstacles is so important in a successful rehabilitation experience, which is something we recognize at Banyan Delaware.  

Equine Therapy for Addiction 

For many, addiction can feel like an incredibly isolating experience and one which often results in resistance to traditional clinical therapies. It is understandable that addicted individuals are hesitant to open up to the people around them. Being able to engage with animals, especially ones as intelligent and majestic as horses, is an excellent way to bridge that gap and make strides not previously possible. 

Banyan Treatment Centers for addiction offers Delaware equine therapy for many of its patients and is utilized in conjunction with other rehab services. Residential patients receive 24-hour support, along with a variety of other therapies, to aid in their journey toward recovery. 

Recovery does not have to feel like a monotonous cycle. There are engaging and unique treatment options available, designed to enrich everyone in their battle with addiction. 

Contact Banyan’s Delaware Rehab center to learn more about our equine-assisted therapy program and other options for treatment. 

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